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The health and well-being of Students and Society, and their levels of participation in sport and physical activity, is of growing concern and it is an area where GHRSCF will play vital role. GHRSCF recognises that participation in physical activity as well as indoor and outdoor sports can have many positive benefits on the experience, assisting transitions, developing technical skills, promoting excellence and developing leadership skills. Regardless of the level of participation in physical activity there is an impact on the physical and mental health of students.

GHRSCF recognises the importance of physical activity in the lives of students and this belief pins its strategic development. The overall strategic objective of increasing participation both at a recreational and elite level can be best achieved by ensuring that there are accessible pathways and excellent structures in place to achieve this. It is also imperative that GHRSCF identifies and tackles key barriers to student participation.

Working in partnership with local and national bodies provides valuable aspects, increasing opportunities, improving use of valuable resources, and delivering improved return on investments. GHRSCF aims to improve, develop and promote elite National and International sport through the channels of consistent good practice and successes at elite athlete level. (Supports our own group institutions and Society) In the implementation of this plan GHRSCF will continue to engage with these strategic partners to share best practise models for development of sport and recreation.

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