SJAN & Raisoni Achievers Award

SJAN, Raisoni Group of Institutions started this Raisoni Achiever’s Award in Collaboration with The Sports Journalists' Association of Nagpur

Raisoni Achiever’s Award in Collaboration

SJAN, Raisoni Group of Institutions started this Raisoni Achiever’s Award in Collaboration with The Sports Journalists' Association of Nagpur. It serves as a time appreciators of sports joined together to celebrate the best sporting achievements from the previous calendar year and it is Named as GH Raisoni SJAN Achievers Awards.

Since last five years GHR Sports and Cultural foundation organizing achievement in sports awards in association with SJAN. This association is encouraging the sports person to perform in their fields and personal life.
Directly or indirectly we all are associated to the sports in various roles.

Sometimes, it's just a simple game, when we see it on our TV sets and in ground. But often, a sport is much more than that. It's full of life lessons. It can teach you about failure, joy and disappointment, excitement, winning and losing. It is not only about sportsman spirit but about maturity, teamwork, humility and selflessness.

Now GHRSCF takes the pride that sports person waits for this event and prepare themselves to get nominated for the awards. Foundation is hopeful and quite sure that in coming years, this event will be recognized on National level and we will be getting prepared for it.

G H Raisoni sports and cultural foundation is dedicated for the encouragement and enhancement of sports. We wish, our sports person should get recognized on National and International levels. Giving this award is just one brick towards your Everest of success. Facing challenges of sports teaches us to tackle with other challenges of the life as well as survive in a competitive society.

Someone said very correct, “It is all in mind”. If you decide Everest will also bow down to you. This award is a small initiative to recognize the talents, but we aim to see them achieving best in their life in spite whatever the hurdles they come across. GHR Sports & Cultural Foundation will continue to encourage and enhance the culture of sports and various activities.

    Winners of SJAN & Raisoni Achievers Award 2017 (5 November 2017)

  • Indian woman cricketer Mona Meshram (GH Raisoni Trophy for best senior sportswoman),
  • Vidarbha Ranji cricketer Lalit Yadav (GH Raisoni Trophy for best senior sportsman),
  • chess player Raunak Sadhwani (GH Raisoni Trophy for best junior sportsman),
  • Shuttler Malvika Bansod (Baidyanath Trophy for best junior sportswoman)
  • RS Mundle Dharampeth Arts and Commerce College (KC Bajaj Trophy for sports promotion)
  • Swaminarayan School (Centre Point School Trophy for sports promotion).

    Winners of SJAN & Raisoni Achievers Awards 2016 (23 October 2016)

  • Swapnil Dhopade
  • Dhanashri Lakunwal
  • Aditya Thakre
  • Ritika Thaker

    Winners of SJAN & Raisoni Achievers Award 2015 (27 August 2015)

  • Vidarbha spinner Akshay Wakhare,
  • volleyball player Jayashri Thakre,
  • basketball player Yash Gainkar,
  • chess prodigy Mrudul Dehankar
  • sports organiser Sattar Ansari
  • Katol’s Nabira Mahavidyalaya and Saraswati School for promoting the sports.

    Winners of SJAN & Raisoni Achievers Awards 2014 (7 September 2014)

  • Batsman Of Vidarbha Faiz Fazal (GH Raisoni Trophy) ,
  • Athlete Jyoti Chavan (GH Raisoni Trophy) ,
  • Badminton Player Rohan Gurbani (GH Raisoni Trophy),
  • Basketball Player Mugdha Amraotkar (Baidyanath Trophy)
  • Ex-Hockey Player And Organiser Manish Gaur (Meeradevi Dasture Trophy)
  • Nehru Vidyalaya, Hingna (Centre Point School Trophy),
  • SK Porwal College (KC Bajaj Memorial Trophy)

    Winners of SJAN and Raisoni Achievers Awards 2013 (29 August 2013)

  • Footballer Alwyn George (Best Senior Sportsman),
  • Kho-Kho Player Deepali Sabane (Best Senior Sportswoman),
  • Cricketer Siddhesh Neral
  • Chess Wonderkid Divya Deshmukh (Best Junior Sportswoman)
  • Prof Sharad Suryavanshi (Best Sports Organiser)
  • Khaparkheda’s Maharashtra Vidyalaya (Sports Promotion.)
  • PWS College (Sports Promotion.)
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