Raisoni Premier League

Raisoni Premier League – Live the Thrill and Excitement!

"No Dream is Ever Chased Alone"- Rahul Dravid

And, when one of the best cricketer quotes this you cannot not follow it.

We at the Raisoni Group of Institutions have in a little time frame reached milestones of success. It is attributed to our diligent faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and the curriculum we are so proud of. Indeed, the curriculum has been so designed that it includes the finest academics, the best of the cultural activities and some of the most amazing events round the year. The event includes the sports activities, the cultural acts, the technical events, the conferences, the symposiums and the list continues.

We have round the year plans for our students to make sure they ingest the best of knowledge, stay informed and avail entertainment. In a country like India, where Cricket is a religion, the Raisoni Group of Institutions is happy to introduce the Raisoni Premier League.

    What is RPL (Raisoni Premier League)?

  • The RPL involved auction of players
  • Faculty members are owners of teams.
  • The RPL involves a series of cricket matches.
  • There are 14 teams playing for the winning title.
  • It is a weeklong championship organized by G H Raisoni College of Commerce Science & Technology

    What does it include?

  • There are in total 14 teams involved in the league.
  • There are 12 boys’ team and 2 girls’ team.
  • The teams include
    • Leaping Leopard
    • Lion The King
    • Classy Cats
    • Dashing Dolphin
    • Thundering Ducks
    • Pink Panther
    • Royal Eagles
    • Python Crushers
    • Kool Kingfisher
    • Hustling horses
    • Fresher
    • Ragging bulls
    • Blasty blue whales
    • Tuscan Tigers
  • The Dashing Dolphin and The Classy Cats are the 2 girls teams which gets to play the finals in the Girls category.
  • The Auctioning of the team mates is pursued before the onset of the league.
  • Every team has an alumni student, 9 players of the Raisoni Group of Colleges and one player (From school or college other than the RGI).
  • The basis of the match is a league-cum-knockout basis.
  • It includes a total of 22 leagues, 2 semifinals and 2 finals.
  • The inaugural function, the closing ceremony and the prize distribution is graced by the cricket celebrities.

    For the students

  • Playing- the most revered sports- cricket- in a cheering crowd.
  • Participating- in one of the finest leagues matches in the Central India.
  • Get acknowledged- for the best batsman, the best bowler and the best fielder.
  • Availing- some of the most awesome prizes in the form of cash, trophies or both.
  • Indulging- in adrenaline rush and lots of excitement.
Enjoy the Enthusiasm! Amaze the crowd! Have an enthralling Experience!

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