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Shri. Bhupaal Panshikar
(भारत रत्न श्री रविशंकरजी तथा पं दिनकर पणशीकर, जयपुर घराना, इनके शिष्य)

Shri. Bhupal Panshikar 13 May 2020

Bhupal is a Sitar player and singer, composer Bhupal Panshikar is a singular figure in Indian Classical music Diasporas whose eminent style of sitar playing has regaled audiences in India and abroad.

Coming from a family of Sanskrit literature stalwarts, drama, and music personalities young Bhupal chose to study music at the tender age of 10 under his father and guru pt.Dinkar Panshikar (living legend of Jaipur gharana). Bhupal really has a gifted musical persona right from childhood resulting, he enacted in the fabulous Marathi musical play katyar kaljat Ghusli as a child artist way back in 1983-84.

In his early teens Bhupal started learning sitar from Bharat Ratna lt Pt.Ravishankar ji in Delhi and then padmabhushan pt. Arvind Parikh (well-known maestro of vilayatkhani gharana) and till the date receiving training from him.

A quest for more musical knowledge made him more studious towards vocal tradition of north Indian Music (stylistic singing) and studied under lt.pt.chandrashekhar rele a well-known associate and gurubandhu of lt.pt.kumar gandharwa of Gwalior gharana. Simultaneously Bhupal’s sitar is influenced by his own vocal training and a tremendous impact of vocal phrases woven in his playing resulting it going beyond sheer tonal music.

Bhupal is a composer and music arranger and has worked with many Bollywood composers and has been actively playing sitar for film industry, daily soap operas, and Back Ground Music scores for various titles. His first solo album Raga Sangraha 1 & 2 successfully captured music lovers in 2010


    Main composer of Soul Curry flamenco and jazz fusion band

  • Pan IIT Global Leadership Summit –California –USA2015
  • Prathswar –innitiative by Panchamnishad creatives –Mumbai2016
  • Saptak – Nasik2007
  • Indian music Festival- Germany and Hongkong2005
  • Indian music fest strings and tones –USA 2017
  • Potpourri international ensemble –Singapore Feb. 2018
  • Gaan Prabha mahotsav Mumbai2017
  • Suburban music circle Mumbai2016
  • Jitendra abhisheki mahotsav pune 2014
  • Singapore Art Festival 2018
  • Harmonium player, research in music and mathematics.

    Let’s Meet then.

    G.H. Raisoni Sports & Cultural Foundation Organizes - Online Session

  • Speaker : Shri. Bhupaal Panshikar (भारत रत्न श्री रविशंकरजी तथा पं दिनकर पणशीकर, जयपुर घराना,इनके शिष्य)
  • Date : 13th May 2020
  • Time : 7:30 Pm
  • Venue : Your Home at your Mobile

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