Ganesha Utsava

India is a land of festival. It is a land of religious inclination. It is the land of cultural integrity.

Ganesha Utsava

India is a land of festival. It is a land of religious inclination. It is the land of cultural integrity. The festivals are celebrated round the country with immense fervor, happiness, devotion and inclination. This is verbatim true for the festival, which reciprocates- Jai Ganesha! Jai Ganesha!

The name of the God Ganpati is taken before the start of every good work. Then, there is his festival, which brings immense happiness, blessings and joy for his followers. It is really fascinating how every nook and corner of the city, of almost all the states of the country celebrates the 9 day festival of Ganesha Chaturthi. The Raisoni Group of Institutions too celebrates the festival with immense devotion, enthusiasm and piousness.

    What is included in the festival of Ganesha Utsava?

  • Ganesha Utsava marks the onset of the 9 day festival in the Raisoni Group of Institutions.
  • The festival starts with the Sthapana of the idol of Lord Ganesha.
  • It culminates with the Visarjana.
  • The Procession - Imagine hundreds of students wearing colorful traditional attire involved in the procession of the Lord Ganesha to welcome him. The procession also has the faculty members and the non- teaching staff. And, then there is the decoration. The students and the staff members take care of the theme of the decoration and the rituals followed.
  • The Execution - From the minutest detail of making sure that the needful of the daily prayer is available to the conduction of the competitions at the campus- Each and every aspect is taken care of by the students and the staff together. Students have immense to learn in this process. The organization, the execution and the team building are some traits which the Vighnaharta- Lord Ganesha- teaches them through this festival.
  • The Devotion - the Aarti is conducted twice every day. The most appealing aspect is that the number of students which are present in the Aarti. Clad in traditional wear and singing the rhythmic "Sukhkarta Dukhharta…….." the entire environment seems to reciprocate with piousness. There is also the arrangement pursued of Daily Prasad in the morning and in the evening.
  • The Events- And, then each day marks a set of competitions in the respective campus. There are the technical, the cultural and the sports events held under which the students and staff members compete. A plethora of events are held under these 3 categories.
  • The Visarjana- Definitely, with so many blessings, fun and frolic it is tedious to precede for the Visarjana. Yet again, the same procession which welcomes the God to shower his blessings on us performs the requisite rituals for the Visarjana. There is that in- built faith in the devotees, of Bappa coming back next year that gives strength to them.

Jai Ganesha! Jai Ganesha!

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